Different Types of Wedding Venues with Pros and Cons

Venues! Endless options. Different sizes, looks, prices, etc.! In this post
I am going to help you narrow down your search a little bit by listing
the different types of venues along with some of the pros and cons that
come with them. Lets start with the most popular…

1. Beach
Beach ceremonies are casual, intimate, and provide a
simple backdrop. It is a favorite when it comes to pictures.
With [normally] good weather, and budget friendly,
providing views and amble space.
Permits might be required if you have a large guest list.
As well as, if you plan on setting up an alter and chairs.
It can be a little difficult to have a reception on the beach so
most choose to have it elsewhere. The beach is also a public place
so there might not be much privacy.  There are venues
with private beaches that will host but these can get pricey.


2. Backyard

A Backyard wedding is a favorite budget friendly option.
Decorations can be set up way in advance and you have more control to
make it your own. There isn’t a strict timeline so let the party ensue.
Since this is held in a residential area it can disrupt neighbors if it
goes too far into the night. Rentals tend to add up since you have to provide everything yourself. Outside weddings have to be mindful of the weather
so you may also have to rent a tent. Lastly, there are no services so buffet style food/drink or hiring a service company is an option.


3. Hotels/Vineyards

Hotels and vineyards are together because they have very
similar pros and cons. Both provide wedding packages that provide
food, drinks, service, and decoration. They have space for both the
ceremony and the reception with provided service.  There are also
offers to guest that will stay overnight.
On the other hand, choices are more limited. You have to use the
items they provide and no outside caterers are allowed. It can get pretty
pricey with luxury hotels, and a larger guest list. Go over a certain
headcount and it might be mandatory to pay for security.
And lastly, strict end times.

4. Golf Course

Golf courses are usually not as expensive as other venues.
They have packages, planners, and provide food and service.
The golf course itself is a great place to have pictures taken too.
Like the hotels and vineyards it is mandatory to use what they
provide, including security. Don’t forget strict end times. I attended a
wedding where the staff started putting everything away and hour before the reception ended.

5. Museums/art gallery

Let the art speak for itself! Decorations can be minimal. A lot of these
have great garden areas to hold a ceremony and offer packages.
Great thing is that there are a lot of small museums that are not as
costly and will host small intimate weddings.
A concern for these would be the low light indoors. Something to
consider and let the photographer know! I also don’t want to sound
like a broken record so see above in numbers 3 and 4. 😉

6. Empty Buildings (i.e. Barns, community buildings, warehouse)

This would be your “blank canvas.” Start from nothing and build
up to make it your own. They normally have amble space for big weddings
and since the rustic theme is pretty popular, there are some barns
that offer wedding packages.
Even though the blank canvas can seem nice, keep in mind the
extra cost to fill it! And while some provide packages and rentals
there are some that do not. So, add the prices of renting and servicing.
I am also going to add, that since it is very popular it might not be as “unique”
as you might have been hoping for.

7. Restaurants

Restaurants can be rented out or offer a banquet room. It provides a variety
of food and drink choices for guests and provides  intimate and
relaxed environment. Plenty of service too.
Decorations are very limited here and it has limited space. There may not
be a spot to hold the ceremony.

8. Church

This is a traditional venue that can be found in the middle of a city,
or on top of a mountain. A church can have a personal feel if the
minister knows the couple and is an affordable route. Decorations
might even be donated to the church.
Limited decoration would be the issue here. Not all churches have a
banquet hall so reception space may need to be held elsewhere.
Church facilities may not permit dancing or alcohol and
service may not be provided.

9. Home Away

Home away is a great option, not many people think about. Renting a
mansion by the beach or a retreat in the mountains can provide
accommodation for the wedding party, and give you time to set up,
and keep the party going. A lot of these places have added amenities
such as a game room.
Most of these are in a residential area so keep that in mind.
Always double check with the host about an event, and note there
will probably be an extra charge. Rentals will have to be added
including service. Rearranging the furniture may not be allowed,
so outdoor weddings have weather to consider.

I hope that this list gave you some insight and gave you an idea about a type of venue you might not have otherwise considered!

Happy planning!!

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