Wedding Flower Alternatives

Alright! Let’s talk flowers! Flowers are a wedding tradition. Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony decorations, they are everywhere and beautiful. Unfortunately, flowers can also get very expensive. So whether you are trying to save money or just looking for something new and different for your special day, here are some alternative ideas.


Can you believe this is a fake flower bouquet on the left? Amazing!  The best thing about using faux is that if your planning on DIYing, it can be done in advance. There are also wedding companies that will make arrangements for you. Check out this paper flower bouquet below!







The new trend right now is skipping the flowers altogether. The greenery really stands out with white. Notice how the picture on the left is paired with candles and lanterns! And the bouquet on the right is a great example of all the different kind of greenery you can use.

Tea cups/Books







Here are some vintage styling ideas using tea cups and books. As you can see it works great with some flowers and using a touch won’t break the bank either. DIY tip: Scout out thrift stores, swap meets and book fairs to snag these items.

Glass Vases






Amazon has inexpensive colored vases or you can paint your own to match your wedding style.



Photos are an easy and personal touch for your wedding. Use baby photos, silly photos, and engagement photos!






Pumpkins/Pine cones

This is probably one of my favorite photos out there! It is so unique and beautiful. Paint them any color to fit your needs. And this technique can be used with sea shells, animals, pine cones, anything that might be related to your theme. 
Here is a pine cone bouquet perfect for that fall or winter wedding!



Did you know that you can find flameless candles for cheap?  They will last the whole event and you won’t have to worry about catching fire or blowing out!

Brooches for Bouquets







How pretty are these! Collect these at swap meets and thrift stores for a beautiful bouquet that will last a lifetime.

Extra Tips 

 Tip 1: Setting the table will add to the decoration and make the tables look full. 

Tip 2: Use levels when decorating the tables.

Tip 3: Mix and match using the tips listed above! (The picture below uses books, lanterns, candles and small flowers. )



I hope you enjoyed all of these wedding flower alternatives! Happy Planning!

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