Budget Friendly Wedding locations in Orange County


There are plenty of articles that promise “budget friendly” wedding locations but upon further inspection you realize it’s not quite as “budget friendly” as you had hoped for. It doesn’t come as much as a surprise considering that weddings on average cost $30,000! ¡Ay, caramba! Anyway, in the spirit of actually being budget friendly, I have compiled a list of places in Orange County. Cheap places in O.C. you say?! Yes, yes I do say it. Check them out yourself. I have also provided links to help you look into it more yourself. Also, if you know of a place that isn’t on the list let me know about it! I’m always scoping out new places. 

Heritage Hill Historical Park

This relatively small park is one of my personal favorites. The historical buildings are great places for pictures and provides a rustic/vintage feel all around. It can hold up to 150 people and offers a gazebo. They are flexible though, as you can see in one of the pictures, a couple chose to get married in front of the ranch house instead. Parking seems decent but it is attached to the shopping center. There is also a horse riding academy right next to it, which either adds to the time period feel or just smells like horse manure. You decide.

For more info click here.




Old Orange County Courthouse 

This beautiful brick building is in downtown Santa Ana. It is used as a courthouse still but offers a superior courtroom that can be used for a ceremony and holds 100 guests. If elopement is your style there are two different rooms available. Keep in mind though, weddings are allowed one Saturday a month and these smaller rooms cannot be reserved like the superior room can.





Salt Creek Beach/North Shore 

Who would have thought that there was an affordable, right on the beach wedding location that was budget friendly? This hidden location in Dana Point can hold up to 500 people! It is priced at $125/hr for 150 people and $400/hr for 300 people. Are you thinking it’s too good to be true? Well here are things to consider. No weddings are allowed on weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day which is obviously prime wedding season, but since it’s SoCal our weather is great most of the year so having it off season might not be such as issue. There are no food trucks allowed, open flames,  or rice. There are parking fees to consider and according to the map might be a bit of a walk from the lot to the site. Amplified sound needs to be off by 9pm, guests must leave by 10pm and everything must be broken down by 12am. Since it is next to the beach, some kind of tent coverage would be ideal or a few heaters. All the info here.


Dana Cove Room

Obviously in Dana Point, this house is right on the harbor. The Dana Cove room provides 200 chairs, 18 round tables, and 20 rectangle tables. It is $60/hr And $75/hr past 8pm if there is no alcohol. Otherwise, it is $250/hr but provides security. There is also a Pilot house which can hold 30 people seated and is $40/hr. More info.



Santiago Oaks Reginal Park

This is a big park with hiking trails but the wedding site can only hold up to 100 people. It closes at 5pm so most people opt for a brunch wedding. It should be noted however, that there was a canyon fire in 2017 so most of the trails are closed to due to damage. 


Contact information available on the Orange County park website here.



Orange County Fairgrounds

Yup, you can do that. It has ample parking and multiple rooms and locations to choose from but most people choose the Millennium Barn. It runs around $1,000 and can hold 100-150 people. Or you can choose one of the massive buildings or hanger which will be closer to $2000-$3000. For rates and info click here.



Oak Canyon Nature Center 

The Nature center is ceremony only, but cost is $800 if you’re not an Anaheim resident. They provide a 4-hour rental with a sound system and a 2 hour rehearsal slot. It can hold up to 200 people and is so so pretty. Check it here.



Soka University 

Definitely a favorite of mine. Absolutely gorgeous location with many options to choose from. The price ranges $1200-$4000 (depending on location) and they provide a 12 hour event time! Ceremonies can be held by the Peace fountain, the Athenaeum garden, or a small gazebo for intimate weddings. Receptions can be held in the Founders Hall Art gallery, which holds 300 people, the Recreation Center gym, which holds 500 people, or the Atrium for intimate gatherings. One thing to note is that they require a wedding coordinator because they don’t like to work directly with the brides.  
Check out each place here.




That concludes this marvelous post. Let me know what you think! Follow on social media. Happy planning!

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