7 Apps to Help Plan your Next Adventure


Whether you are traveling for a month or just taking a weekend getaway, chances are, there is some kind of planning that needs to take place. So! I have complied a list of my go-to apps that I personally use, to plan vacations both internationally and locally.

1. Skyscanner
Makes the top of the list. This is a free app and my go-to for checking flights, international and domestic. It lists prices, times, direct, duration, etc. Unlike other companies that raise the prices to book with them, skyscanner takes you to directly to the airlines website so that you can easily purchase tickets. You can also keep track of prices by setting up an alert!

2. Airbnb and HomeAway
I coupled these together because I find that the location has a lot to do with which app flourishes. For example, Airbnb had a lot more options for renting than HomeAway did in Los Vegas, but HomeAway had more variety when searching in Big Bear, CA. Staying in a home, apartment or even extra room may sometimes provide a cheaper and more convenient way to travel.

3. Hostelworld
It is no secret that hostels have great rates and a unique way to meet new people while traveling. It can also have a little bit of a bad rep. With this app you can see ratings, and reviews of each place, along with pictures, policies, prices, as well as the area and what’s around it. Another fantastic perk, is the “speak the world” option. Making it easy to communicate with someone who speaks a different language.

4. Tripcoin
This helps to keep track of how much you are spending. It also includes a currency converter.
I usually use this before the vacation to see how much everything will cost and how much I plan to spend. But it has the ability for you to keep track on a daily basis.

5. Maps
Any map app will work. What you want to do, is map out any all places you plan to stay or visit for navigation as well as, what is around the area. Use google earth to check out street view!

6. Yelp
Ah yelp. The best app to find all of the eats! Reviews, menus, and pictures come in handy when traveling to a new place in order to scope out all of the deliciousness. Use it to look up hotels, stores, bars, spas, you name it!

7. Packing list
The packing list is pretty self explanatory but I like it because it offers suggested items that could have been overlooked.

Well there you have it. Go check them out and good luck planning your next trip! Send me a message or comment if you need any help. I am on all of the social media. 😉

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