5 Things to Do Now That You’re Engaged


So you just got engaged! Congrats! It’s very exciting! You’re head over heels, your posts are getting liked and the comments are pouring in! Now, sitting at the computer checking out Pinterest, you’re realizing…how…much…there…is. Breathe! You can do this! Here are a few tips on where to start!

1. Colors and Theme

Themes can tie in with the where-and-when such as winter, and fall themes as well as the rustic theme, which is very popular right now, and goes great with outdoor weddings. Some weddings don’t have a theme and just use colors and that’s O.K. too! You can also mix and match, maybe rustic signs with an elegant archway, and hair down in a boho style wedding dress. Or maybe you want to have the ceremony in a huge catholic church but then have a reception outside BBQ style. You do you do! It’s also a great way to compromise if you and your S.O. have different styles/wants.

2. Where and When

I put this one second because it is important to know what you and your fiancee want first. Choose your date to match the theme or if there are time constraints you can find a location that might work with the theme your looking for. Whether it be a destination wedding or more close to home.

3. Pick your Bridal party/Groomsmen

This is a fun one. 🙂 Most people they already know who is going to be in the wedding party but it’s a nice tradition to ask them. Some people go the formal route and give gifts. There are plenty of really cute ideas out there but keep in mind this is also part of your wedding budget. If your budget is on the lower end do not feel obligated to do anything special for this one. I’m sure some people will disagree with me on this but that’s O.K. You are more likely to offend someone by not asking them to be in the wedding party. These people are going to be your biggest support so snag them early.

4. Guest list

This one is tied for number 2 because locations can only hold so many people.  Once you start putting names together it will be surprising at how quickly that count will go up. Will you invite coworkers? Family friends? Will kids be allowed to attend? Extended family of your great uncle’s wife? 😉 Venues will charge per guest so this will help to create a realistic budget as well.

With the general location and the guest list out of the way its time to…

5. Search for Venues!

This one is going to take a lot of research but viewing the locations can be fun! Make sure to make a small list of what you want the venue to have. Ceremonies and receptions can be held a the same location or at different ones, so it is important to find out if the places you are viewing can include both or not. What about outside space? Easy access to bathrooms? How many people will the ceremony hold? How many for the reception? (A lot of times the ceremony space is much smaller than reception space.)  Some venues provide wedding packages that include food and might have a list of suggested DJ’s, bakers, etc. Others can just be the space itself and you have to provide everything. This can sound scary but there are many ways to keep cost down, it all depends on whether you are up for the task!


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