4 Things to do when a Honeymoon isn’t in the Budget

Weddings are expensive. This is no secret. Taking a vacation can also be expensive once you add up airfare, hotel, and activities. It’s no surprise that most people postpone their honeymoons or forgo it all together. So what should you do if an extravagant honeymoon just isn’t in the budget?

1. Use a registry site

Most couples nowadays, already live together so registering for household items is no longer a necessetiy. Which is why some genius invented a registry where friends and family can donate for adventures, down payments on a house, and…honeymoons!

2. Go somewhere close by

Airfare is the biggest expense when traveling so choose an place that you can drive or a take a train to. Do something unique together or a pick a place that is comforting to you both.

3. Weekend getaway

Find a hotel with full amenities, a beach for relaxing, a cabin in the mountains, or go out for an activity like a concert, or camping. What sounds appealing to both of you? Adrenaline or relaxation? 

4. Unplug

So you can’t take off of work, or afford to stay somewhere else. (Or maybe the honeymoon got put on hold for a month and you are looking for things to do in the meantime.) The most important thing to do would be to unplug. The main point here to just be together. Plan date nights, stay inside, just vast in the happy. 🙂

*Does one of these options sound like a good idea but you’re not quite sure how to implement it? Write to me! I will come up with a plan based on you and your finances wants and likes.*

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