30 Unique and Slightly Silly Boutonnières

When I think about a boutonnière, I think quick DIY. Take a flower, some babies breath, add a leaf, wrap it up and stick a pin in it. Simple and cost effective. 👌 But, weddings are also about making it your own. And I’ll admit, that I had never thought about personalizing a boutonnière before. However, I have seen the error of my ways and I am now an advocate for it. 😋 Without further ado, I bring to you a variety of unique and, slightly silly, boutonnière ideas for your special occasion!

We start off our journey with a tame succulent boutonnière.
Definitely like the cork addition.
A vintage style boutonnière. Classy
Paper flower made from music sheets. Can also be used with newspaper or book pages.
It’s a bronze flower…interesting. Probably have to spend a little bit more but it looks nice.
Pine cones to match the pine cone bouquet mentioned in another post.
Feathers and leather nice touch
Found this one on Etsy. Affordable too.
Another feather this one is dipped in gold. Is there anything Etsy can’t do?
Basically weeds with a bottle cap. I like I though
Cotton is definitely an interesting choice. I think it goes well with the rustic theme.
Shotguns shells…
Actual shells.
Pretty beach theme
Hhmmm…Laziness or DIY genius?
One of my favorites.
Basically a brooch. Pretty sure you can find these at any thrift store…
He is Batman
What happened to Darth Vadar? I think he broke his leg
Another comic book lover but in pinwheel form.
A camera lens is not cheap. But it’s cool looking
The sheriff is in town.
He must play the drums
I’m starting to feel like we are just grabbing objects and pinning them.
Let’s add nuts and bolts because they are manly.
Huh it looks like a carrot
Wait…what is happening right now?
Apparently using vegetables is a thing
You have taken this too far sir…
Ok I will allow this one…
Let’s add one more for good measure and because this one made me laugh

As you can see there are boutonnières for every type of wedding and groom. Your hobby enthusiast, character loving, vegetable eating, music playing, gun firing, beer drinking, sophisticated and simple, not to mention, loving, S.O. 💜

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